Group Leader


My research interests are in the development of advanced imaging tools and methods for biological research, with an emphasis on extending the frontiers of current methods in respect to imaging speed and depth. Applications of such techniques span from the neurosciences to developmental biology and cell biology. More information about my research can be found here. Below a short list of topics I am and have been interested in:

  • Development of advanced imaging and spectroscopy techniques for biological research in the areas of:
    • Multi-photon microscopy
    • Active wavefront engineering
    • Photo-acoustic imaging
    • Computational imaging
    • Near-infrared fluorescent agents
  • Dynamics and statistics of neural networks

Previously I worked on:

  • Quantum-inspired classical technologies (such as Chirped Pulse Interferometry)
  • Quantum coherence and quantum effects in biological systems
  • Linear-optics quantum computing (especially measurement based schemes)
  • Tests of fundamental concepts in quantum mechanics
  • Long-distance quantum communication (including QKD)