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Refereed Journals Publications

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    • [24] R. Prevedel*, Y.-G. Yoon*, M. Hoffmann, N. Pak, G. Wetzstein, S. Kato, T. Schrödel, R. Raskar, M. Zimmer, E.S. Boyden, and A. Vaziri, “Simultaneous whole-animal 3D-imaging of neuronal activity using light field microscopy”, Nature Methods 11, 727 (2014) [Nature Link] [e-preprint] *Joint first authors
    • [23] T. Scheidl, F. Tiefenbacher, R. Prevedel, F. Steinlechner, R. Ursin, and A. Zeilinger, Crossed crystal scheme for femtosecond-pulsed entangled photon generation in periodically poled potassium titanyl phosphate, Physical Review A 89, 042324 (2014) [pdf] [e-preprint]
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    • [12] T.Scheidl, R. Ursin, A. Fedrizzi, S. Ramelow, X.-S. Ma, T. Herbst, R. Prevedel, L. Ratschbacher, J. Kofler, T. Jennewein and A. Zeilinger, “Feasibility of 300 km quantum key distribution with entangled states”, New J. Phys. 11, 085002 (2009) [pdf] [e-preprint]
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    • [1] N.K. Langford, T.J. Weinhold, R. Prevedel, K.J. Resch, A. Gilchrist, J.L. O’Brien, G.J. Pryde and A.G. White, “Demonstration of a Simple Entangling Optical Gate and Its Use in Bell-State Analysis”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 210504 (2005) [pdf] [e-preprint]

Miscellaneous Contributions

    • [25] R. Prevedel and A. Zeilinger, “Entanglement and One-Way Quantum Computing”, Contribution to the popular website [pdf]
    • [26] R. Prevedel, “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle revisited”, Contribution to the popular website [pdf]
    • [27] N. K. Langford, S. Ramelow and R. Prevedel, “A New Scheme for Photonic Quantum Computing “, Contribution to the popular website [pdf]


    • R. Prevedel, “Experimental all-optical one-way quantum computing: An introduction into the theory and experiments of photonic one-way quantum computing”, SVH Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften (2009) [ISBN 978-3-8381-0847-6] [Amazon Link] [cover]

Comment: This book is a slightly modified version of the dissertation below.

Doctoral Thesis

    • “Experimental all-optical one-way quantum computing”, University of Vienna (2009) [pdf]

Diploma Thesis

    • “Experimental Realization of a Simple Entangling Optical Gate for Quantum Computation”, University of Vienna (2005) [pdf]