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In the news…

Scanned temporal focusing microscopy (Nature Methods 2016) – Altmetrics Score 82

Single-photon vision in humans  (Nature Communication 2016) – Altmetrics Score 82

Light-field deconvolution microscopy (Nature Methods 2014) – Altmetrics Score 242

Wide-field temporal focusing microscopy (Nature Methods 2013) – Altmetrics Score 145

Coherent photon conversion (Nature 2011) – Altmetrics Score 19

Experimental test of uncertainty principle (Nature Physics 2011)

Entanglement-enhanced classical communication (Physical Review Letters 2011)

Logical independence and quantum randomness (New Journal of Physics 2010)

Free-space entanglement transmission over 144km (Nature Physics 2009)

Time-reversal and super-resolving phase measurements (Physical Review Letters 2007)

Implementation of Deutsch’s Algorithm (Physical Review Letters 2007)

Feed-forward one-way quantum computing (Nature 2007)

  • Feed-forward experiment”: press release as well as a couple of images can be found here. A review of the media coverage (mostly in german) is available as a PDF file here.