Group Leader

Welcome to EMBL

I have recently taken up my new post as a group leader at EMBL Heidelberg – and I have been welcomed here very nicely by everyone. The institute’s internal news website also conducted a short interview with me about my current and future research. I think it turned out quite well – read the short version below and the full article here!


Welcome to EMBL: Robert Prevedel

Optical telescopes allow us to see stars and galaxies many light years away, yet we struggle to see within matter right here at our fingertips. Our atmosphere is almost transparent, but when light interacts with thick biological tissue, light scattering leads to blurry, low-resolution images. New group leader Robert Prevedel and his group use a range of techniques to try to overcome this problem, including multi-photon microscopy, adaptive optics, computational imaging and optical engineering – technologies that can enable us to see deep inside living tissue without the blur.


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