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PhD and Postdoc positions available!

We are now seeking highly motivated and talented PhD students as well as postdocs to join our interdisciplinary research team. The goal of the lab is to develop next generation, innovative optical imaging techniques to push the frontier of deep tissue microscopy. The research is geared towards direct applications in biology and neuroscience. Projects will be developed together with the candidates in the following fields depending on background and interest:

  • High-speed multi-photon microscopy for functional imaging
  • Hybrid optical and photoacoustic microscopy for deep tissue imaging
  • Adaptive optics for high-resolution imaging inside scattering tissue

These new tools will be specifically developed for and applied to cutting-edge biomedical research question in cell biology, developmental biology and neuroscience. Our lab closely collaborates with fellow groups in the Cell Biology and Biophysics and Developmental Biology units in Heidelberg, as well as with EMBL’s Monterotondo location (Rome, Italy). More information on the research interests of the lab can be found here.

The successful candidate should have:

  • A degree in physics, engineering (or a related field)
  • Good background in optics, lasers and/or optical engineering
  • Programming skills in MATLAB / LabView for device control and synchronization
  • Expertise in microscopy and imaging is desired but not a requirement
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team, willingness to work outside core expertise
  • An interest in biological applications of new optical technologies
  • Good communication and presentation skills (Scientific English, Powerpoint)

Interested candidates should get in touch via email in order to discuss projects and the application process.

PhD candidates are required to apply to the EMBL International PhD Programme. Deadline for registration is October 19, 2015 and deadline for submission is October 26, 2015. For more information please visit:


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