Group Leader

New Position at EMBL

EMBL HeidelbergThe past year has been quite busy, not only on the research front but also on trying to land an independent academic job. After about 5 years of postdoctoral work and successfully switching research fields I felt ready to hit the job market. So a dozen applications were sent, almost as many job talks and interviews were navigated. Fortunately, I eventually received a few offers that I then had to Prevedel groupcarefully examine and discuss with my scientific mentors and within my family. Finally, I accepted a group leader position at EMBL Heidelberg, a position I am truly excited about! I will be starting as of August 2016 and my research will focus on deep tissue microscopy and other advanced bio-imaging methods. My lab will be hosted by the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit, with joint appointments in the Developmental Biology Unit in Heidelberg as well as the Mouse Biology Unit in Monterotondo near Rome, Italy.

I am very much looking forward to this new and challenging position. If you’re interested in more detail about my future research, check out my new group webpage.


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