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Light-field microscopy of whole animals

zebrafish_coloredTwo weeks ago, our most recent paper got published online in Nature Methods. The paper is entitled “Simultaneous whole-animal 3D imaging of neuronal activity using light-field microscopy“.

In this paper, we establish light-field microscopy as a method to capture neuronal dynamics of both C. elegans and zebrafish larvae. Applying 3D-deconvolution in post-processing allows us to aimage large volumes while retaining single-neuron resolution. This research was a collaborative effort between our lab and the group of Ed Boyden at the MIT Media Lab. Read the abstract of our article below:

High-speed, large-scale three-dimensional (3D) imaging of neuronal activity poses a major challenge in neuroscience. Here we demonstrate simultaneous functional imaging of neuronal activity at single-neuron resolution in an entire Caenorhabditis elegans and in larval zebrafish brain. Our technique captures the dynamics of spiking neurons in volumes of ~700 μm × 700 μm × 200 μm at 20 Hz. Its simplicity makes it an attractive tool for high-speed volumetric calcium imaging.

The IMP and MFPL communication teams wrote nice press releases, which you can find here in German and English. The publication was picked up by several news outlets, most notably by a mentioning in an article by The Economist.

UPDATE: We’ve also made it into Nature News. Read the article about our paper here.
UPDATE#2: An interview of myself was published online by Novus Light Technologies Today here.

Also, we’ve made the cover of the July issue!! See post above.


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