Group Leader

Marie Curie Fellowship

I have recently been offered a prestigious Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship from the European Union. The so-called Marie CurieInternational Incoming Fellowships are awarded to researchers working in countries outside Europe irrespective of nationality. They provide support for the  scientist’s work at a European partner institution. The fellowship consists of a salary, plus some allowances for travel and research expenses. My Marie Curie project will last for 2 years and will investigate the use of quantum-entangled photon states in microscopy in order to probe light-sensitive biological systems and will be conducted in the lab of Alipasha Vaziri at IMP and MFPL (which wrote a news item about this on their website). Let’s hope the bureaucratic negotiation and grant-agreement phase will be speedy so I can take up the fellowship and work as soon as possible!



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