Group Leader

New publication in Nature

This week our paper entitled “Efficient quantum computing using coherent photon conversion” has been published advanced online in Nature. In it we outline a new concept for efficient quantum information processing using a process called coherent photon conversion. This process has the potential to overcome current limitations in preparing, processing, and measuring quantum information in physical systems such as single photons. We also perform proof-of-principle experiments using photonic crystal fibers and show that coherent photon conversion can be a viable technology for future practical implementations of quantum computers. This work has been performed while I was still at the University of Vienna, and in collaboration with my colleagues Nathan Langford, Sven Ramelow and Anton Zeilinger, and in cooperation with Bill Munro (NTT Tokyo) and Gerard J. Milburn (UQ Brisbane). So far it has been featured in the Austrian press (see here) and it’s scheduled to appear in print on the Oct. 20th,  2011 issue of Nature.



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